Ascent for Life, Inc.

Milwaukee, WI


A Milwaukee-based non-profit agency focusing on health promotion and disease prevention and on the delivery of accessible Wellness Services. We are a minimalist, trauma-sensitive, multicultural community-based organization.


  • Free group classes for clients diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (ASCENT method)
  • Sliding-scale based, adaptive one-on-one movement and nutrition services. Clinically-informed services available for clients with specific health needs and disabilities.
  • Ascent Wellness Program - Community: accessible, trauma-sensitive Yoga. Mindfulness. Fitness. Nutrition. Focus on physical and mental wellness. Collaboration with medical and Mental Health teams. Virtual available during COVID-19.
  • Ascent Wellness Program - Youth: Yoga, Mindfulness, Fitness and Nutrition for Milwaukee Youth wanting to promote physical and mental health.
  • Race and Athletic Event Training: promoting participation of clients of cultural minorities and clients with disabilities.

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