The non-profit was the first non-for-profit gym in WI and was created in 2015. It's main mission is to provide Wellness Services to all, and provide creative solutions for everyone to feel included (and welcomed) in a gym/yoga/wellness learning space.

We provide Adaptive Exercise, Strength Training Services for the Multiple Sclerosis Community of Milwaukee. We also serve Milwaukee's youth community, by creating accessible and enjoyable services (open to families too) which focus on physical and mental health promotion, prevention and recovery.

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Our Story

The work with clients with disabilities and chronic physical and mental illness started about a decade ago, when Tony Langtimm created his first adaptive fitness business in Milwaukee. The mission statement of the gym was to create accessible services for the Milwaukee community, based on the ASCENT method. Eventually, Tony's gym started being know as ASCENT GYM with headquarters in Milwaukee Turners.

This method supported clients/consumers (from athletes to clients in recovery) reach their very personal wellness goals.

The gym has trained rowing teams, firefighter teams and has served Milwaukee residents increase their activity levels within a training community. All of this under the values of minimalism (simplicity of practices and spaces) and community (connection).

The adaptive exercise focus began to uncover a need in Milwaukee, and that need brought a new not-for-profit entity to the ASCENT Gym organization. Soon Ascent For Life, Inc. was born, and free adaptive fitness training was offered to the Multiple Sclerosis athletes in Milwaukee.