Programs and Service to the Community

Ascent Gym:

Donate to the Non-for-Profit while working out!

At Ascent Gym we believe that fitness should be for everyone and available to anyone looking to truly improve upon their health both mind and body. Ascent Gym focuses on the idea of small group classes feature high-intensity, interval training with a team of highly skilled and incredibly dedicated trainers. Through this all-inclusive approach to the traditional gym setting, classes are customized based on skill level with the added benefit of a small group of members cheering each other on and boosting moral.

Members’ training is focused on six phases that help each member reach their most elevated level of fitness.

    • Acceleration: Providing a base for endurance and the basic motions for more advanced exercises, these workouts consist of high reps with low weights.

    • Strength: The Strength phase was designed for strengthening all muscle groups and focus on heavy weights with low repetitions.

    • Concentrated Muscle Growth: With a focus on gaining and building muscle, Concentrated Phase workouts focus on creating gains in strength through heavy repetitions.

    • Explosive Movements: Based on the idea of improving power and the rate that power is produced, the Explosive Phase focuses on Olympic lifts, jumping and throwing exercises.

    • Nutrition: A registered dietician approves monthly nutrition challenges that members can choose to compete in for incentives, helping reach a larger goal of elevated fitness and better eating habits.

    • Testing: Taking place at the start of each month, testing allows trainers and members alike to record progress through each phase, highlighting strengths and identifying areas for improvement.

Sliding Scale? No. Donation-based!

To make Ascent accessible to all, memberships are based on a donation for each session to create an open atmosphere and environment where all community members are welcome.

Call Ascent today to find out how our certified trainers and coaches can help you reach new health and fitness goals: 414-350-6064 (Tony Langtimm).